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STEP+ has leveraged Smartsheet’s capabilities to the fullest. We’ve enabled users to enter basic safety data and then let the system’s connected logic do the rest.

Core Capabilities
Employee Management
Training Management
Accident Management
Incident Management
OSHA Tracking
Consolidated Accident-Incident-OSHA Summary
Automated Inspections
Corporate Corrective Action
Project Site
SubK Management
Safety Equipment
Safety Admin
  • Produce real-time briefings and videos to address safety problems!
  • Notify the entire company through mass notification system.
  • Record all safety training and produce certificates. Send to employee automatically.
  • Accident system feeds 10 different systems to include producing a custom Accident PDF.
  • Track all theft to both vehicles and equipment by Project Site (internal and external).
  • Use QR Codes for each Process, Vehicle and Equipment (PVE) inspection. Track owned, rented, and critical SubK vehs/equip. Manage High-Risk PVE Inspections with metrics.
  • Track all observations with actionable metrics including Total Human Health.
  • Auto fed Corrective Action System that provides detailed Causal Factor Analysis.


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Charles E. Davis, III

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