Centurion was built on the Smartsheet’s “no-code Software” with the owner, contractor, and subcontractor in mind

Tailored to Commercial and Federal Contracting requirements

Exceedingly customizable at the user level with no software engineer required

Centurion is easy to use and Day-1 ready for stakeholders at all levels

A single source for collaboration and information management to save you time and money

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What is Smartsheet — and why is it different?

Smartsheet is the only platform that can scale from a single project to end-to-end work management, connecting business on a no-code, cloud-based platform where anyone can create the solution they need — backed by the control and security it requires.

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Used by 96 of the Fortune 100
80,000 other Customers | Millions of Users

Why Smartsheet?

  • Software that can run the entire company not just Construction Management
  • FedRamp Certified Software that addresses today’s Cyberthreat in the commercial and federal space
  • An AWS Cloud-based system provides access all the time
  • Integrated APIs that enable Centurion to snap links into other systems as required
  • Subscription service based on requirements
  • World–class Support Services and training center

Why Centurion?

  • Proven, simple, powerful system to manage projects internally and externally
  • Built around Commercial, USACE and NAVFAC “Best Practices” – Excellent for Federal construction projects
  • Accounts for Short and Long-term construction projects
  • Excellent for Field Management
  • Complete real-time data access and document control
  • Custom automation and workflows
  • Budget and cost management with built-in QuickBooks integration
  • Embedded fillable forms, checklists, reports, dashboards, and briefing examples
  • Free mobile application without compromised features


Pluma Construction Company
Los Ranchos, NM

“If Smartsheet would have had a Centurion solution when I bought my original subscription, I would have done it. Centurion has pushed us so far ahead using its cloud-based system for both small and large projects. We have customized it without a software engineer. We love it. And using Smartsheets customer support has been awesome!”

Chris Pacheco
Owner & CEO
Comprehensive Approach Solutions
Leesburg, VA

“Centurion has enabled us to manage both Federal and commercial construction contracts with tremendous confidence, saving us time and money. We are able to use Smartsheet with other corporate functions and PMO. We highly recommend this versatile solution.”

Tom Baltazar
President & CEO

Revolutionize Your Company
Revolutionize Your Construction Management
STEP+ and Centurion – One Platform, Exceptional Results!

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