Smartsheet Enterprise Highlights

Cloud-based (AWS)
Phone App
Unlimited Storage and Attachments
User Management — Unlimited collaborators who can view and edit
Team Collaboration
Secure Request Management
Unlimited Automation
Notifications and Update Requests
Unlimited Sheets per Report / Widgets per Dashboard
Import Excel, MS Project or Google Sheets
Send Row of Info on Sheet Through Email
Sheet Integration, Formulas, Cell Linking
Activity Log
Document Generator — Custom Fillable Forms
DocuSign Integration
Schedule with Gantt — Critical Path
API Integration and Capability
Collaboration Integration
construction management software demo

Why settle for just construction management software when you can optimize your company using Centurion built on Smartsheet?


Short and Long-term Projects

Project Management

  • Owner and SubK Dashboards
  • Customized Team Collaboration
  • RFI, Submittal Tracking
  • Document Management – Contract Docs
  • Custom Schedule with Gantt – Critical Path
  • Substantial Completion Tracking
  • Automated % Overall Complete
  • Daily Log 
  • Meeting Notes and Action Tracker
  • Custom Forms and DocuSign
  • Automated Delivery Schedule
  • Weekly Safety Tracker
  • Quality Control Meeting System
  • Test Plan and Log
  • Rework Deficiency Log
  • Punch List
  • Comprehensive Closeout Tracker

Customer Support

  • Centurion Operating Manual
  • On-Line Training Videos
  • Embedded example Forms, DocuSign, Checklists, Briefings, Documents


+ Business Development — Pre-con

  • BD Engagement Tracker
  • Pipeline Management – CRM 
  • Company Bid Tracker
  • Teammate Management and Bid Tracking System


+ Financial System

  • Financial Dashboard
  • Bid Estimate, Procurement, Budget Actuals
  • Invoice Management
  • Change Order System
  • QuickBooks Online Integration


+ Safety and Quality Control Inspections

  • Fillable Field Forms for Safety and QC
  • Quality Control Portal
  • Safety Portal